The Pool


Within the pool enclosure there are plenty of sunbeds for soaking up the rays.

Access to the pool is by steps within the pool, rather than by ladder.

Overlooking the pool is a raised terrace that makes for a shaded place to eat, drink and read. It also allows for a good view to supervise younger children.

The pool is cleaned at least twice a week to keep the water really sparkling.

The pool was completely refurbished for the 2015 season, with new heating added in 2016 and there will be further improvements for 2017.

The main outdoor terraces for both properties also overlook the pool.

The pool is, of course, one of the key attractions when staying at Thouvenin and L’Ecurie.

It is 9m by 4m and has a consistent depth of 1.5m.

It is heated by solar panels and is usually of a comfortable temperature from May onwards, through to October.

The pool is entirely enclosed by a safety fence.

Guests at Thouvenin & L’Ecurie have separate entrances with “childproof” gates.